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Revolutionary product that uses the latest anti-wear technology to reduce wear and to extend the service life of automatic transmissions, standard gear boxes and power steering wheels.


ATF Power Mix interacts with metal surfaces by creating a protective layer that greatly reduces friction, heat, and wear. A highly complex organic compound continuously smoothens metal surfaces by reducing metal grooves and ridges. The result is a dramatically improved hydrodynamic lubricating film.


ATF Power Mix improves fluid oxidation stability, repairs seals that are brittle due to normal signs of

wear or increasing age. Furthermore, it reduces pittings, sludge and varnish formation which prevents transmission shudder.



ATF Power Mix is rated for use in all transmissions, including both manual and automatic transmissions, CVT and DSG drives.


Miscible with all mineral, synthetic, or semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluids as well as manual transmission gear oils.


ATF Power Mix does not contain solid lubricants like MOS2, Graphite, or Ceramic.



increases efficiency and service life

reduces wear and pittings on metal contact points and clutch discs

reduces running noise, temperature and power loss from gear friction

creates and maintains clean running surfaces

enhanced acceleration

excellent molecular adhesion, increased surface protection

optimized gearshift

high shear strength

provides protection from overload damages

prevents residues and varnish formation on all metal surfaces, including clutch plates

neutral effect on brake bands, seals, and O-rings

prevents transmission shudder

lowers operation costs, better protection, longer service life


ATF Power Mix should make up to 5% of the total gear oil volume.


At a mileage of 60,000 km, we recommend the first oil change regardless of the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer.


In modern automatic transmissions, the service fill quantity is less than the total oil quantity.


An intensive cleaning of the automatic transmission is recommended, if the transmission oil is changed at or near a mileage of 100,000 km. We recommend using WAGNER Motor Cleaner.


Drain the warm oil and refill with new transmission oil containing 5% ATF Power Mix.

ATF Power Mix unfolds its full effect after 1,500 km of use.

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Wagner ATF Power Mix 014300

Wagner ATF Power Mix 014300

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