SUPERCHIPS Ford MSD Diesel LPG propane injection Kit


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When propane is injected into a turbocharged diesel engine, there is a tremendous increase in power and torque! Power isn't the only benefit, as you'll also gain travel range in your rig with the addition of clean-burning propane. Superchips says their digital propane injection (DPI) systems are the safest propane systems available because they use a closed-loop ECM. It constantly monitors the engine parameters, such as propane vapor temperature, over-boost, and, of course, rpm, before any propane is allowed to be added to the engine. Or, if you simply do not want to use the system at certain points, it can be disabled with the flip of a switch. These systems can also data-log a number of engine parameters and are programmed for each application, so there are no jets to drill or external adjustments required.


Up to 75 hp and 150 ft/lbs of Torque

- Power There When You Need It!

Safest Propane System on The Market

- Worry Free Power with Parameter Monitoring Built In.

Fine Tune Your Rig with Data Logging Technology

- Don't Just Guess What Your Rig is Doing...Know.

Increased Fuel Economy

- Extend Travel Range Between Fuel Stops

Made by Superchips

- A Name You Can Trust

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SUPERCHIPS Ford MSD Diesel LPG propane injection Kit

SUPERCHIPS Ford MSD Diesel LPG propane injection Kit

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