Bully Dog Dodge Ram 5.9L Performance Air Intake Kit 222102




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Keeping hot air out of the intake stream. Modern engines are much more specifically engineered than the coal burners of yesterday. Bully Dog's Rapid Flow Air Intakes have been precision designed and tested for optimal cold air flow and decreased air turbulence.

· Designed to pull air from cold air sources from within the engine bay. Increased cold air is then fed to the engine, which in turn increases power.

· Accommodating a high flow cotton gauze air filter. Bully Dog also offers top of the line air filters.

· Improving the look of the engine bay with slick-looking style. Our intakes are designed to give your engine bay a nice, sleek, custom finish.

· Clean Install - Quick and easy install achieved by snap on parts and easily assembled fittings makes the installation process simple.




A higher quality air filter is critical to achieving optimal results from an air intake kit. All Bully Dog's Rapid Flow CAI systems come with the industry's highest quality filter. Thus, performance is guaranteed.


Our Air Filters are manufactured under ISO 5011 specifications to ensure quality. We design our air filters with more surface area than any stock application. Overcompensating for air filter surface area helps guarantee air flow, and will also extend the time needed between necessary filter maintenance.



· Manufactured under ISO 5011 conditions

· Over 99% efficient at stopping debris

· Up to 25% more air flow over paper filters

· Filters are pre-oiled and ready to use

· Lower maintenance costs vs. paper filters

· Cleanable and reusable the filter's lifetime

· Multiple sizes for custom applications

· Pre-filter available for every filter for a lifetime

· Multiple sizes for custom application

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Bully Dog Dodge Ram 5.9L Performance Air Intake Kit 222102

Bully Dog Dodge Ram 5.9L Performance Air Intake Kit 222102

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